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Discover incredible amenities, unforgettable experiences & activities that allow you to explore Florence and the history of the Renaissance movement.

Baglioni Relais Santa Croce

Built in the mid 1700s, this lavishly furnished residence features frescoed ceilings and authentic period artwork. The Santa Croce district is the perfect base for exploring the history & artistic heritage of the Renaissance.

Leonardo’s Hidden Gem

A tour of the hotel uncovers a “secret” treasure from the Renaissance era. The “Trestle of Santa Croce” is an architectural marvel that was once studied by Leonardo DaVinci.

Santa Croce Musical Experiences

Enjoy amazing live music experiences in our glorious Music Room right here in the hotel. We host a number of events throughout the year. Contact us to learn about upcoming concerts.

Nearby Attractions

Get ready to explore the home of the Renaissance. You’ll find many historic attractions within walking distance, from the.

  • Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo's "David")
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria de Fiore
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Uffizi Gallery

Baglioni Experiences

Choose from a range of unforgettable experiences infused with history, art, food & shopping.